Homewood Office at Southbridge located behind Embassy Suites

Homewood Office at Southbridge located behind Embassy Suites

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Assisting Victims of Workplace Discrimination in Birmingham and Alabama

Federal and a few Alabama state and local laws protect employees and job applicants against discrimination in the workplace. Pursuant to Alabama Employment Laws, discrimination is generally defined as unfair treatment because of prejudice based on race, age, physical disability, pregnancy, national origin or religious beliefs. Discriminatory practices can be present in hiring, promoting, compensating, disciplining and terminating employees. Discrimination may also affect job assignments and may be connected to wrongful termination or other forms of employer retaliation if an employee reports or threatens to report discrimination.

An Experienced Birmingham Employment Discrimination Can Help

If you are being treated unfairly at work, have been passed up for a job or have been terminated and you believe this is due to illegal discrimination based on your race, sex, national origin, religion or a disability, a Birmingham employment law attorney at the offices of Harwell Law Firm LLC can offer you the advice and representation you need. Our firm represents represents employees and executives in the Birmingham metro area and Alabama employees throughout the state in their claims related to all forms of discrimination.

Why you should hire an Alabama Employment Discrimination Lawyer?

Unlike a car accident, discrimination cases present particular difficulties because it may be hard to prove that an employer or co-worker acted in a discriminatory way. Because Alabama is an employment at-will state, meaning that employers may terminate employees for virtually any reason but an illegal reason, it may be difficult for an employee to prove that the employer was motivated by a discriminatory intent. Harwell Law Firm LLC has over 18 years of experience in ascertaining facts to try and prove a discriminatory motive. Find out how Harwell Law Firm LLC can help on your discrimination claim. Contact a Birmingham Employment Discrimination Lawyer today.