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A hostile work environment may be defined as a workplace where an employee is subjected to harassment or unfair treatment which creates an environment where the employee feels threatened or intimidated. Both illegal discrimination, sexual harassment and harassment based on a protected category (race, sex, age, national origin, religion and/or disability) can create a hostile work environment under Alabama Employment Laws. An employee may also experience a hostile work environment after attempting or threatening to report illegal conduct, such as age, sex or race discrimination. Listed below is a non-exhaustive list of some examples of hostile work environments:

  • An employee who is treated differently by his supervisor because of his religion by being given less desirable job assignments or being paid less than than other employees who perform the same or similar work.
  • An environment where racial slurs are passed verbally or via email.
  • An employee who is improperly touched by a co-worker or manager, despite communicating that the conduct is unwanted.
  • An employee who is harassed by co-workers on a regular basis because they have reported illegal conduct in the workplace.

If you have believe that you are suffering from a hostile work environment based on your race, sex, age, national origin, disability, or for exercising a right under any federal or state law, a Birmingham Employment Attorney at Harwell Law Firm LLC may be able to help you.

Hostile Work Environments in the Workplace are Illegal

If you are experiencing a hostile work environment, you may feel like quitting your job. However, before you quit, you should speak with an experienced Alabama Employment Law attorney and to discuss other available options. If you quit, you may be unable to obtain unemployment benefits and this could also negatively impact the value of any case you may have.