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Alabama employees, whether they are classified as a salaried employee, paid by the hour or are being paid as an independent contractor, sometime have questions about whether they are being paid properly under Alabama Employment laws.  On some occasions, an employer may may have either intentionally or ignorantly classified an Alabama employee as a salaried employee in order to avoid paying overtime wages. On other occasions, an employer may even claim that they do not pay overtime or your hours are altered so the employer can avoid paying minimum wage. If you have an overtime, wage or minimum wage question, Harwell Law Firm LLC is here to help you and you may contact us at (205) 980-1445. Our firm has represented and provided advice to employees in Birmingham and Alabama for over 18 years and we can help you.

Fair Labor Standards Act – Alabama Employment Lawyer

In Alabama, overtime and minimum wage laws are governed by the federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). The FLSA covers wage and hour laws such as overtime pay, minimum wage and the classification of employees as exempt or non-exempt.  and a number of other key issues. Under Alabama Employment Laws and the Federal wage and hour law, Alabama employees are entitled to compensation for all hours hours worked and the method and manner in which an an employee is paid will depend on whether or not the employee is classified as exempt (salaried and therefore not entitled to overtime pay) or non-exempt (hourly and therefore entitled to overtime pay for time worked more than 40 hours in a week).

Birmingham Employment Attorney – Classification of Employees

In some cases, Alabama employers will either intentionally or unintentionally miss-classify employees as exempt in order to avoid paying them overtime, certain benefits, and health insurance. For example, an employee who should be non-exempt may be classified as exempt, and an employee can also be wrongfully classified as an independent contractor when, under Alabama Employment Laws, they should be considered an employee.

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If you have questions about whether you have improperly been denied overtime, a question about whether your are properly classified as exempt or non-exempt or have any other questions about Alabama Wage and Hour Laws,  call Harwell Law Firm at (205) 980-1445 to discuss your case with an experienced Alabama employment law attorney.