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What is Sexual Harassment under Alabama Employment Laws

Sexual Harassment can exist if a co-worker makes unwelcome sexual advances toward you or has made comments and “jokes” that make you uncomfortable because they contain sexual comments. If you believe you are being sexually harassed at work, you should take immediate action today. Talking with an experienced Birmingham Sexual Harassment Attorney and Alabama Employment Lawyer at Harwell Law Firm LLC should be your first course of action.  Our Birmingham Employment Attorneys have over 18 years of experience dealing with claims of sexual harassment laws and protecting the rights of employees.  Please call us at (205) 980-1445 so we can discuss your case.

Title VII Prohibits Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Unfortunately, Alabama does not have a statute which prohibits sexual harassment. However, under federal law, sexual harassment is illegal discrimination which is prohibited by Title VII of the Civil Rights Act. It includes conduct such as unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and verbal and physical harassment that are sexual in nature. The law protects both male and female employees from sexual harassment, regardless of whether the harasser is of the same sex or the opposite sex (e.g. a man may be sexually harassed by another man).

Sexual Harassment under Alabama Employment Laws

Sexual harassment is actionable if it is severe, pervasive or the sexual harassment occurs so frequently that the workplace becomes offensive or a hostile work environment is created. The examples listed below are a non-exhaustive list of possible sexual harassment which can occur when a manager, co-worker or a customer:

  • touches you in inappropriate way such as kissing, patting, hugging, fondling or deliberately brushing up against you;
  • asks questions about your sex life or makes comments about your appearance, your clothing or your body; 
  • tells sexual jokes that you find offensive or continuously other sexually suggestive remarks even though you have objected and asked for the person to cease making such comments;
  • threatens to deny you a promotion, demote you or terminate you if you refuse to accept a date or have physical contact; or
  • displays posters, magazines, pictures or computer images that are sexual in nature; or
  • disseminates sexually explicit or sexually suggestive emails.

Stop the Sexual Harassment – Call an Alabama Employment Attorney

Federal laws protect your rights and you do not have to continue to put up with being sexually harassed at work. If you are experiencing sexual harassment, contact an experienced Sexual Harassment attorney at Harwell Law Firm LLC today to find out how you can put a stop to the sexual harassment.  In addition, if you have been wrongfully terminated or retaliated against for complaining about or reporting  sexually harassing conduct, our Employment Attorneys can help. If you have been a victim of sexual harassment or illegal retaliation, contact us today.