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Unlike most aspects of Family Law, the adoption of a child brings happiness to families. However, if a biological parent changes their mind, what should be a joyful occasion can turn in to a legal nightmare. The Birmingham Adoption Attorneys at Harwell Law Firm LLC have over 18 years of experience in the Alabama Adoption Law process and handle the complex legal procedures so you can focus on building your family. If you have a question about adopting a child, please call Harwell Law Firm LLC at (205) 980-1445 or online by completing the ContactUs form.

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Unlike many Alabama Adoption attorneys that may market on the internet for search engine purposes that they are a Birmingham adoption attorney, a Hoover Adoption Lawyer or a Homewood adoption attorney, Harwell Law Firm LLC has four offices in the Birmingham metro area with two offices being located in Shelby County and two offices located in Jefferson County. For directions to our offices, click on the links on the right side of this page or see our Contact Us page.

Legal Issues under Alabama Adoption Law 

Harwell Law Firm LLC can handle all of the following legal issues that you may have about Alabama Adoption Laws.
  • Step-parent Adoptions
  • Termination of Parental Rights
  • Open Adoptions
  • Closed Adoptions
  • Private Adoptions
  • Domestic Adoptions
  • International Adoptions
  • Paternity Registry
  • Implied Consent Adoptions

Termination of parental rights

We have all read and heard stories about birth parents fighting an adoption after it has been finalized and most adoptive parents have real fears about these issues. When it occurs, it can result in years of litigation and tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees. Stories abound about birth parents challenging an adoption after it is finalized. The Alabama Adoption Attorneys at Harwell Law Firm LLC work diligently to insure that both the adopting parents and the birth parents’ rights are honored and respected so a final adoption can not be subject to a legal challenge.  This is accomplished by substantiating that the birth parents consent to the adoption freely and voluntarily so the birth parents cannot subsequently make a claim of fraud, duress or coercion which can be grounds for restoring a birth parent’s rights.

Implied Consent to an Adoption

In addition to obtaining actual consents from birth parents via the parents executing a signed and notarized Consent to Adopt, Alabama Adoption laws also allow a step-parent or suitable persons to adopt when a birth parents has given “implied consent” to an adoption. Pursuant to Alabama Adoption laws, a parent is presumed to have given implied consent to an adoption when they have failed to maintain a significant parental relationship with a child for more than six months.  If a client hires our Birmingham Adoption Attorneys to represent them in their adoption, we will always attempt to obtain actual consent from both birth parents but if the birth parents refuse to sign the consent and contest the adoption, we will advocate your position that the birth parents gave implied consent to the adoption.

Alabama Adoption Law Paternity Registry

Under Alabama law, the biological father has the same rights as the biological mother to decide whether to voluntarily terminate parental rights.  In situations in which couples break up and the mother fails to inform the father that she is pregnant, a biological father may be unaware that they have even fathered a child. Alabama adoption laws seek to balance the father’s rights by establishing a putative father registry.  Under this law, any man who knows or even believes that he is or may be the father of a child can apply to the putative father registry to receive notices of judicial proceedings related to the child, including those associated with the adoption process.  Harwell Law Firm LLC will perform all necessary actions to confirm that the father provides consent to the adoption, has given implied consent or that no putative father has registered with the database.

Types of Alabama adoptions

In an Open Adoption, an agreement is signed between the birth parents and the adopting parents which can permit the biological family to maintain a relationship with the child. The terms of the agreement are established via a written and binding contract and can include any level of involvement ranging from regular visits to updates on the child’s life.  In contrast to an open adoption, a closed adoption protects the identity of the birth parents and the child but may also include the disclosure of necessary information about the biological parents’ family medical history.  Regardless of which kind of adoption you and the birth parents choose, our Alabama Adoption Attorneys will draft a custom agreement that reflects the terms of your adoption.

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